Saturday, April 26, 2014

Welcome to!

I am writing this wishing I was out fishing.

I am not a good writer nor a great photographer, not even a great fisherman. These are not the reasons I started this blog.

The real reason is my absolute obsession with fishing (lure fishing, that is)!
An obsession that needs to find an outlet somewhere else, since I am not spending time fishing as half as much as I feel I should!

Yes, lure fishing gets you to that stage...

Where you cannot even take a bath in your own tub without thinking that you should at least test some of your newly bought or newly built lures in it.

Where whenever you have to decide between family holiday destinations, you inevitably take into consideration the fishing potential of each place you would visit.

It affects you and changes your perspective on a lot of things. You start appreciating every moment you get to spend outside, even without actually fishing.

Sunrises, sunsets, nice weather, the calm breeze, all have a different meaning for you and you cannot help to imagine yourself being on the water doing what you love.

Making that perfect cast. Waiting for the swirl and flash behind your lure and the unmistakable tap that travels from the tip of your rod to the tip of your toes, as vivid as an electric shock. 

This is what drives us away from the cozy warm sheets at stupid o'clock in the morning.
This is what keeps us awake at night, weeks before "that" fishing trip.
This is what makes us spend our hard earned money on shiny new gear.

In the end, we are all a bit mad...