Monday, June 9, 2014

Tict Ice Cube IC-69F Rockin' Finess rod review

Even if it is a relatively unknown name in the freshwater fishing world, when it comes to saltwater fishing, especially LRF techniques, Tict is synonymous with cutting edge performance .
So to me, the decision of buying a Tict rod for small jigheads/small plastics applications made perfect sense.

I needed a rod that can efficiently work a 3-5cm softplastic on a 1-3g jighead, sensitive enough to detect the most subtle bites, but with enough backbone to muscle in a decent perch or an angry mackerel.
And I hit the jackpot with this model!


        Length: 6'9" (2.05 m)
        Weight: 64 g
        Lure weight: 0.1-3.5 g
        Line Power: 0.8-2.5 lb
        Action: Fast


When it comes to looks, the rod does not dissappoint! Slick, elegant, black coloured blank handle and reel seat, with silver guides and fittings. 
Nothing feels out of place or forced, everything fits perfectly in the big picture.

On a more careful inspection you will find all sort of small details, letting you know that even if there is nothing obvious and flashy about the design, still a great amount of thought, attention and effort was put in the fininshing touches.


The inverted reel seat (fuji IPS) has a carbon locking nut with aluminium trimmings that gives you a very good grip on the rod. It also allows you to easily rest your index finger on the blank if you are used to doing it, yet leaves no uncomfortable exposed threads.

The guides on this rod are Fuji TiSic - one of the lightest and toughest set of guides on the market.

Despite the fact that the diameter of the guides is very small, I never had any issues with the casting distance (on the contrary) or with braid/fluorocarbon knot passing trough the top guides.

The split grip handle gives the rod great manoeuvrability and sits very comfortable against your forearm.

Even though it's a solid tip rod, the bend on the blank is very natural, without any break in its curve.

When it comes to sensitivity, this is definitely one of the top performers in my collection. It took me a while to get used to the feeling of the solid carbon tip (being the first rod of this kind for me) but I must say that nothig passes unnoticed. From a tiny fish inhaling the lure as it sits still on the bottom, to small pieces of weed that tamper with the action of the paddletail  you fish with.

I used the rod mainly with small jigheads (2g) and 4-5cm softplastics, and I must say that it is perfect for it! Precise casting, very good lure control, and a fast response on the strike (even if you will have to strike a bit harder than used to - it is still a rod rated up to 3.5g!).

I also fished it with small metal jigs (up to 9g) and it performed remarcably well, even if it was clear that this is not what the rod was designed to do.

For its weight (and it is incredibly light at 64grams! ) the Ice Cube has a deceivingly high strenght and resistance, allowing me to lift from the water over branches or weedy banks many fish between 1.5 and 2 pounds on my first session.


All I can say is that I couldn't be happier with my choice.

A well designed, balanced and fitted JDM rod, that performs exactly as advertised, without any apparent flaws.

I know that, for the most of us, a LRF rod that costs this much is money out the window.

But if you are willing to go the extra mile, the Tict Ice Cube Rockin' Finess is as close as possible to the "perfect" finesse LRF rod that you can come across!