Thursday, May 7, 2015

Light Shore Jigging for Pollock

Shore jigging isn't the first method that comes to mind when thinking about pollock fishing. But it gained more and more attention over the last few years, and for good reasons!

For me, it seems to be one of the most productive methods of fishing when targeting this species.

Last week, since it was a Bank Holiday weekend, we took a trip to Connemara.

The weather was pretty poor - lots of rain and very strong wind. That meant I couldn't harass the wrasse, so I focused on trying to find the pollock.

Fortunately, they were around and willing to play!

The video I made comes to show you that when you thought you knew a bit about fishing, it goes out of its way to prove you wrong.

In this case, the best session I had was the one I expected the least! Low tide, mid day, strong Easterly wind, plenty of light and a drastic drop in the temperature. Not the best conditions for pollock by a long shot.
I didn't even bothered bringing my camera or my GoPro with me! I only had my trusty waterproof/shockproof little Nikon camera to save the day.

But what came next just gave me a well deserved slap.

Over 40 fish in 3 hours, ranging from one kilogram up to over three kilograms. No monsters by any means, but still good fun on the lighter tackle.

Using metal jigs seemed to be the best way to fish in the strong wind, and the fish agreed with me. The stars of the day were the APIA - Seiryu Jig, the Xesta - After Burner and  Nitro jigs. 
I also had a few good fish on the Yo-Zuri Crystal Vibe and River2sea Glassie Vibe slowly retrieved  along the drop-off.

Hope you will enjoy watching the video at least half as much as I enjoyed making it. 

Here it is!
(Please watch it in HD)