Saturday, February 13, 2016

Ito Craft Emishi 50S - lure review

Continuing the series started with my last post, here is the 4th place in my "top 5 trout lures".

As the title suggests, it is the awesome Ito Craft Emishi 50S.
Ito Craft is one of those small Japanese manufacturers that just blows you away with the quality of their products. Whether we're talking about minnows, spoons, rods, nets or custom reel parts, everything is just top notch.
Even though the "modern day" Emishi is no longer made from balsa wood, but from plastic, it still fishes extremely well and catches tons of fish in the process!

Length  -  50mm
Weight  -  3,8 g
Type     -   Sinking
One thing that sets this lure apart from the others in my list is the "hand made" feeling to it.
The painting/foiling technique is the same as the one most accomplished Japanese lure makers use for their hand made wood minnows.
The paint patterns are simple but extremely well and cleanly executed. Quite a few colors to chose from which is also a plus.
The finish holds very well to repeated impact with the rocks and to the sharp hooks scratching against the body of the lure while playing a fish.
The treble hooks are extremely sharp and hold on to the fish very well  (don't know exactly who makes these hooks, al I know is that they are custom made for Ito Craft).
I know that some people had issues with the lip of these lures breaking, but I had no problem with that, and believe me, I have put these lures through some horrible stuff!


This is one easy to work lure!
The Ito Craft Emishi flashes, darts and twitches like mad regardless if you are fishing it in a fast stream or a lake (or even saltwater for that matter).
You can totally see and feel that this lure has been refined over the time during hours and hours of  testing.
Once you stop the retrieve, the lure begins to flutter on the fall, which is also a great thing when the fish are curious but less aggressive, encouraging them to bite the lure after the stop.
It casts like a bullet thanks to its heavy weight and compact body and gets quite fast to the desired depth fluttering on its way down.
But, just like the IMA Issen 45S, the down side for this lure is that it is really aggressive and flashy, and this won't work in any kind of condition. Most smaller fish get really cautious around it and it's quite rare to actually catch something small on it (not necessarily a bad thing most of the times).
Doesn't seem to work really well on high pressure waters where the fish are used to seeing lures and fishermen except when the water is still cold and the bigger fish are actively feeding.


Again, this is not an easy lure to get your hands on.
Stocks usually are quite low even in the shops that sell them on a regular basis, and the price is not necessarily small either.
There are some Japanese shops that sell them at a very decent price, but when you add the shipping cost and taxes, it's no longer as decent as it seems.
Otherwise the price for one of these lures on the European market is anywhere between 25 and 30 euros (Ouch!).

Bottom line

As I said, the Ito Craft Emishi 50S is one of the best trout lures out there. Not the most versatile, or the most easy to get (even if you are prepared to pay the premium price), but one of the best none the less.
With its great design and finish, with its excellent quality and mouth watering looks, this is a lure that no trout fanatic should leave out of their boxes!